HoloMatic Makes the KPMG List of Top 50 Automobile Technology Companies in China

Recently, KPMG released the list of Top 50 automobile technology companies in China and HoloMatic made the list for its industry-leading autonomous driving solutions and its path of series production and commercialization.




KPMG evaluated the candidate companies on six dimensions and organized experts, partners and senior consultants to have in-depth interviews with their senior management.


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After visiting over 100 automobile technology companies in six months, KMPG finished the evaluation in accordance with the company’s rigorous standards.

The inclusion of HoloMatic on the list bears testimony to the company’s technical strength and potential. In the future, HoloMatic will continue to advance the autonomous driving technology and accelerate the application of the technology, so as to bring in the era of autonomous driving sooner.


Profile of HoloMatic in the List


About KPMG List of Top 50 Automobile Technology Companies in China: as a leading professional services company in the world, KPMG has attached great importance to the technology industry. In 2017, KPMG unveiled the first ranking list of automobile technology companies, designed to stimulate the development of automobile technology and encourage the growth of innovative companies in the automobile industry in China. The list has been highly acclaimed and influential in the field of automobile technology since its first release.

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